Month: November 2016

My Favorite Movies


     On cold Fall and Winter nights, I love to cuddle up in my room with a cozy blanket and watch movies on Netflix. The best time to stay in and watch movies is when the weather is very cold and it is snowing outside. I enjoy all types of movies from comedies to horrors to fantasies to dramas/tragedies. Some of my favorite movies are A Cinderella StoryWhite Chicks, and Soul Surfer. I have seen all of these movies multiple times, and never get sick of watching them over and over again.

     A Cinderella Story is a fantasy movie starring Hillary Duff and Chad Micheal Murray. It is based on the classic Cinderella fairy-tale, but has a modern twist to it. It came out in 2004, but just recently came out on Netflix, and I was so excited. As soon as it came out, I watched it that night and totally adored it. A Cinderella Story is one of my favorite movies because I love how the creators changed up the story, and made it very interesting.

     White Chicks is a hilarious comedy that everyone would love to watch. I admire this movie because it made me chuckle so much, and I love to laugh. It put me in such a delightful mood, and was the perfect movie to watch one evening after school. White Chicks is about two FBI agents who go undercover as two crazy girls, and it is amusing to see how they imitate them. Whenever I am not in a good mood, I can always count on a ludicrous movie like White Chicks to cheer me up.

     Soul Surfer is a tragic movie based on a true story. It is about a teenage girl, Bethany Hamilton, who suffered a shark attack and lost one of her arms when she was surfing. However, this does not stop her from living her dream of becoming a professional surfer. I always cry when I watch Soul Surfer, especially when Bethany was struggling when she was trying to surf with only one arm. I usually watch Soul Surfer when I am sick and need to rest.

These were my three most beloved movies. Of course I have a ton of more favorites, but these three are on my list of top 10 favored movies. I also love to drink warm tea or hot chocolate when watching movies. I can definitely say that watching movies is a perfect way to have a zen night, and I enjoy watching movies during my free time.

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I am thankful for…

Thankful Quote 1

There are so many things in life that I am extremely thankful for. I am so grateful to be able to have such an amazing life, because so many other people in the world are not as fortunate as me. Two major things that I am thankful for are my wonderful family and friends. I am also greatly thankful for my nationality and religion. My family, friends, nationality, and religion make me who I am.

I don’t know what I would do without my family and friends. They are a huge part of my life. They pull me up when I am down, and never fail to put a smile on my face. I can go to any one of them when I have a problem, and can count on them to help me through it. If I were ever separated from family and friends, or had to live without them, I would be devastated.

My nationality and religion are also two huge contributions that make me who I am. I am from Serbia, and am an Orthodox Christian. Most of my friends are from the same church as me, and I have known them for the majority of my life. A lot of my family also lives in Serbia, and I have many Serbian tradition that I cherish. A bunch of the extracurricular activities that I participate in have to do with my religion and ethnicity. One of these activities is my Serbian Folklore.

There are so many things in life to be thankful for, and these are the major things that I am the most grateful for. I am also extremely grateful to be healthy, have access to fresh food and clean water, and have a roof over my head. What are you thankful for?

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