How I am active in my community…

I am very active in my community. Both inside and outside of school, I take part in many different groups and activities. In school, I am a part of the debate club and Monti-Hender group. Out of school, I do Serbian dancing, and am very active in my church. These activities make up a huge part of who I am.

From sixth to eighth grade, I have been a part of the debate club and Monti-Hender group. I have always loved to argue about different topics, so debate club was perfect for me. It really helped me become more comfortable speaking my opinion, and strengthened my ability to debate and understand both sides of a story. At my school, when students and staff come to the school they pick from a basket to see whether they are a Monti or Hender. I am a Monti, and then I decided to join the Monti-Hender group where we organize a lot of different things. For example, we put together a food drive to help provide a Thanksgiving meal for those less fortunate than us, and another time each one of us created a shoe box full of supplies and small toys to give to orphan children. I enjoy being a part of both of these groups.

Out of school, an activity that I take part in is my Serbian folklore dancing. Every week on Sunday night, a group of kids my age and I meet and learn different choreography and dances to parts of Serbia and other countries surrounding it. I am in the same group as all my Serbian friends who I have known for almost all of my life, and we have done it together since we were very little. Our performances are usually on Saturdays, and we have to wear special ethnic costumes. I am also very active in my church, and go to weekly Sunday School. Once a large group of adults and children from my church gathered at another church to help plant flowers around the property. It felt amazing to be able to help plant the flowers, and was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

As you can tell, I am very active in my community. I am in the debate club, Monti-Hender group, and a part of a Serbian dancing group. I enjoy doing all of these activities because they help strengthen my abilities, allow me to help others, and teach me new things. How do you take part in your community?

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  1. G’day Krstana,
    Great post but I would have loved to see an image of Serbian dancing especially in costume or national dress.

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